The Habble Beginnings

Habble is the brainchild of a Dietitian, capsule Designer, order and Benefit Broker, all of whom have a passion for improving health.

It all began with a single Benefit Broker with a vision to improve the health of employees in the workplace. In doing so, his clients would be able to reduce the amount they spend each year on health claims. However, he couldn’t do it alone.

Enter the Dietitian and the Designer. One to provide evidenced-based information on improving health, and the other to bring that information to life through great design. After working tirelessly for 2 years on various products and services to improve the health of employees in the workplace, we realized that in order to reach the masses we needed to head to the cloud. One Developer later and our all star Habble team was complete.

Here at Habble, we know that accessible health information is the cornerstone to helping people make positive health decisions. Our goal is to provide employees a fun and interactive space to support, communicate, and compete with their peers, set goals and track their progress, and ultimately drive real change towards healthier lifestyles.

When it comes to health, one size does not fit all. Give your employees their best chance at health success and sign up for Habble today.

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