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How it works

1. Launch Your Challenge

Register and choose the date for your first corporate challenge. You will receive a personalized link to send to your employees so they can sign up. Your first challenge is ready to go once employees have registered and completed their first weigh in.

2. Get In The Game

After the first weigh in, employees will be sorted into teams. They can then login to explore their data and their team's aggregate data. Employees will also be able to see who is on their team, chat with their teammates, and compare their team to the competition.

3. Earn Points Through Change

During the challenge employees will set goals to improve their health. Each week teams will weigh in, receive points for improvements, and compare how they did to the other teams. At the end of the challenge, prizes are awarded to the team who improved the most.

4. Create A Community

Habble creates a community within the workplace which allows employees to chat, encourage one another, post recipes or events they’re planning, and more. Employees can even read tips from health professionals that will help them over the course of each challenge.

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